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COVID-19 Vaccine

In an effort to assure VHP patients have access to Covid-19 vaccines we have partnered with LVHN to offer Covid-19 vaccine appointments

To schedule your COVID-19 vaccine, take these three steps:

  • 1. Log in to your account
  • 2. Click the “Menu” button
  • 3. Click “COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling,” follow the prompts, and choose the location and time that work best for you

For vaccine information and FAQs, please visit

Activate your MyVHPOnline account

All are welcome to create a MyVHPOnline account, even if you are not a current patient of VHP. Follow sign-up instructions after selecting “Sign Up Now”. If you have already created a MyVHPOnline account in the MyVHPOnline mobile app or other means, please do not create a new account. Click the “Sign In” button and use the same sign in information.

If you are a parent or legal guardian and you do not have access to your child’s MyVHPOnline account, do not try to create a new MyVHPOnline account for your child. Proxy access to your child’s account can be completed by contacting your child’s provider or during your child’s next appointment. Your child’s MyVHPOnline account contains the child’s demographic information (i.e. child’s legal name, child’s birthdate, child’s ssn), please confirm accuracy of this information at their next appointment. If your child does not have an LVHN primary care provider, please call 484-862-3163 for assistance.

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Problem accessing your MyVHP account?

For MyVHP technical support, please call 484-862-3163.